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Sunridge Lodge is a converted barn, spacious, warm and extremely comfortable. Originally built over 200yrs ago, the lodge is still very much a traditional Devon dwelling, retaining its original stone walls, exposed beams and a stunning solid oak staircase. These traditional elements seamlessly blended with bespoke modern interiors combine to make Sunridge Lodge the last word in luxury self-catering in the heart of Devon.

We are equipped with all of the latest mod cons including bluetooth speakers, free WIFI, large smart enabled HD TV’s with Freeview, XBOX/DVD player and a selection of games and movies. Come rain or shine you can shut the blinds and enjoy a movie favourite or keep the children entertained using the games console on the big tv screen! The
HUB is only a few strides away if you want an even bigger 5 metre home cinema screen experience!

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The lodge lounge/diner is a cosy space with a supersized smart HD TV. This generous screen means that you can throw yourself right into some big screen entertainment while sat by the log burner. Complete with an XBOX games console, if movies are not your thing then why not get gaming. We have a selection of HD movies and a small selection of games to get you started. Please feel free to bring your own library and make use of this visual den!

If the included lodge TV snug area doesn't satisfy, you can get comfy in THE HUB which is home to a vast 4K Ultra HD 3D home cinema screen (5 metres in size) and retro arcade with over 4000 games built in. Please visit this section to see whats included.

Please CONTACT US for booking Sunridge Lodge, check our AVAILABILITY or PRICES & SPECIAL OFFERS.

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The lawns surrounding the lodge are great for picnics and games or merely for sunbathing and relaxing in blissful seclusion. A vast, split-level decking area with access to both bedrooms hovers above the garden and is the perfect place for dining and entertaining. We even have a gas fired webber barbi for alfresco dining, but please bring your own barbi tools.

The custom-built, cedar-cladded
private lodge hot tub is guaranteed to calm even the most agitated soul. Equipped with 19 jets, modulated temperature control and bespoke mood lighting, all you have to do is lie back amidst the bubbles and let your cares (the futility and pain of your fatuous little life) dissolve into the air with the vapours - there is no better (or more indulgent) way to relax and unwind. Lying amidst the hot bubbles on a cool and clear winter’s night, gazing at the stars through the branches of the trees, is quite simply a magical experience.

The only thing we ask is that our guests bring their own old towels for the hot tub due to chlorine treatments in the water. Bathroom towels are provided for inside. Thank you.

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To say you won’t have any neighbours is not entirely true because edging the lawns is a gorgeous miniature woodland abounding with companionable wildlife: foxes, squirrels, badgers, birds etc. This is their home too remember!

The shady woodland provides a perfect backdrop to the lodge gardens and boasts an enchanting treehouse available for booking should you want larger groups to stay (subject to availability). The woodland creates the perfect barrier for the
Sunridge Treehouse guests so as not to interfere with your privacy at the lodge. Why not sit and work on your laptop amidst the tranquil isolation of the lodge grounds or on the shore of the Sunridge Lake (scarcely a 50yd walk away). If you fancy a spot of fishing we can even book you a fishing lesson with a friendly local fisherman. (He is friendly, we promise, or at least he was, last time we checked!)

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If you’re looking for a busy holiday resort, bustling with sunburnt, noisy tourists ruinously desperate to have a ‘good time’ then
Sunridge Lodge is categorically not for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an idyllic countryside retreat in which the most enchanting elements of the natural world are seamlessly wedded to state-of-the-art comfort and convenience then, yes, I’m happy to say, Sunridge Lodge is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want a peaceful hideaway in the heart of one of the most
naturally picturesque regions in Europe, somewhere you can simply relax in the gorgeous privacy of your luxury lodge while occasionally venturing out to participate in numerous invigorating outdoor activities, such as cycling (Devon is home to one of the largest cycling networks in Europe), walking (thousands of miles of coastal path as well as numberless Dartmoor trails) fishing (right outside your front door, standing in your pyjamas, if you like) and cooking (the local area abounds with world-beating organic produce) then Sunridge Lodge will satisfy your every need.

luxury holiday accommodation in the South Hams, Devon, is the perfect place for relaxing, walking or fishing in Devon.

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Please CONTACT US for booking Sunridge Lodge, check our AVAILABILITY or PRICES & SPECIAL OFFERS.

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